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Triond Article

I’ve posted my first Triond article. After a while (and publicizing it somewhat), it’s started making me money! How cool is that! You can find it here:

World War 2 in Gaming : Overused?

Please read it, and share your thoughts if you wish. If you want to sign up for Triond, sign up at


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School, boring old school.

Well, things have started up again in the educational department, and that pretty much sucks. The fact that it’s my final year and the hardest exam I’m ever going to take is at the end of it doesn’t make things any better. (Funnily enough, they make things worse).

So what does this mean? Well, with any luck I’ll still be able to post here, though my website and its tutorials may suffer somewhat. Never fear! I shall do my best to keep things going.

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It’s baaaaaaaack!

As anybody who used to follow me has noticed, my beloved blog has been replaced by a cruel, cruel website. But fear not! That website is simply a another way for me to communicate to the outside world. And now my blog is back! Bigger and better than ever before! Well, not quite yet. It’s still just a baby. But soon it shall be grand indeed!

So if I have a website, why am I bothering with a blog? Well, websites are harder to update and take longer. They provide more gadgets and stuff though, so I thought I may as well set one up. But blogs are really where a person rants about things. Which I do…WAY too much. So, why not set up another blog.

What’ll be the difference? My blog is where stuff I deem interesting and odd will go. My website is solely to tell you about myself, as well as provide tutorials for various things I think you people suck at (or that I like writing about, whichever you prefer). So for my aimless rants, reviews and recommendations, look no further. For my tutorials and…well I don’t know what else,  go to my website.

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