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It’s baaaaaaaack!

As anybody who used to follow me has noticed, my beloved blog has been replaced by a cruel, cruel website. But fear not! That website is simply a another way for me to communicate to the outside world. And now my blog is back! Bigger and better than ever before! Well, not quite yet. It’s still just a baby. But soon it shall be grand indeed!

So if I have a website, why am I bothering with a blog? Well, websites are harder to update and take longer. They provide more gadgets and stuff though, so I thought I may as well set one up. But blogs are really where a person rants about things. Which I do…WAY too much. So, why not set up another blog.

What’ll be the difference? My blog is where stuff I deem interesting and odd will go. My website is solely to tell you about myself, as well as provide tutorials for various things I think you people suck at (or that I like writing about, whichever you prefer). So for my aimless rants, reviews and recommendations, look no further. For my tutorials and…well I don’t know what else,  go to my website.


August 29, 2007 - Posted by | My Websites, Uncategorized

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