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The Game

Hello good readers. Welcome to my monthly “THE GAME!” Post. Posted on the first Sunday of every month, at precisely 12:01 in the morning (that’s one minute after midnight).

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now playing “THE GAME!” If you weren’t already. The Rules:

  1. You are in THE GAME! for life, there is no quitting.
  2. You cannot win THE GAME! You can only lose.
  3. You lose whenever you remember the game.
  4. When you lose, you are out for 30 minutes. During these 30 minutes, you can remember the game without losing. (Note:If you are already in THE GAME! You may have heard a different time for which you are out. Follow that one.)
  5. When you lose, you must shout out “I LOST THE GAME!”
  6. As soon as you mention THE GAME! to anybody, and explain the rules to them, they are in THE GAME! as well.
  7. The objective of THE GAME!? To have everybody on Earth playing it.

P.S. You have now lost THE GAME!

The Rules 


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