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New Website design

Well, my personal website Vastari’s Domain has had a complete makover. I prefer this new layout and design for several reasons, though the main one is that it gives me more room. Also, a new tutorial is up. Part I of the “Create Your Own Website Tutorial”. Go ahead and read it if you want.

One thing that does bug me. You may have noticed that my Alexa Rank is far from ideal at over 8 million. Why is this? Two reasons really. One is that I don’t have a lot of visitors, which is a shame. The second reason is due to the rather stupid way Alexa ranks a page. You see, it only counts views from people who have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser. If a viewer doesn’t have it, then their view isn’t counted. This means that websites geared towards webmasters are most likely to get high rankings, as it’s mainly webmasters and website owners who have the Alexa toolbar in the first place.

So if you’d like to help me out (which’d be nice, given that my tutorials help you out), download the Alexa toolbar via the link on my homepage and install it. It helps you too, as the toolbar allows you to search Amazon for products you want to buy from any webpage. So go on, download it.


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