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Tom Clancy’s Endwar

Well, there’s a new game from the Tom Clancy group. This one breaks away from the others in that it’s a strategy game. Here’s a quick trailer.

The story is thus: The US and the European Federation have set up a “shield” designed to prevent Nuclear Missile launches. It works, and global Nuclear Warfare is averted forever. Unfortunately, Russia’s not too happy, especially with the US militarising space. Then, when Oil supplies are revealed to have been overstated, the price hugely increases. Russia makes Billions and uses it to expand its military. Obviously, the US and Europe are not too happy, and due to the uselessness of Strategic Nuclear strikes, the battles can now be fought large scale, on the ground, juts like in the other World Wars. World War 3 has begun.

Well, the mechanics of this game are actually quite revolutionary (and to be honest I don’t fully understand them myself). Basically you play as the captain of a single squad in your army. You issue orders to your entire army via voice commands and the A.I. follows them. This doesn’t mean your troops get slaughtered. The A.I. is actually reported to be amazing, with troops taking cover and providing support for each other.

Alternatively, you can zoom out to a tactical view of the map to issue orders before zooming back to your squad. And rather than having to scroll around, you can switch command between all your different squads at will.

The Single Player consists of 6 preset missions, before you choose which of the three sides you want to fight for: USA, European Federation or Russia. When you’ve chosen, you lead your army around the world to over 40 different maps. The goal is to capture all the world and win the war.

Now for the best bit. In the Multiplayer, you still pick your side and your army. And the map is still there. All online against thousands of other players. Players fight all over the world, advancing the frontlines for their respective teams. Let’s say, in one day, 100 Battles are fought between the US and Russia in Paris, which is under American control. If Russia does best (i.e. wins the most) Paris comes under Russian control.

Also, your units are now persistant. If a unit dies in battle, you have to start all over again with recruits. Units have a huge selection of upgrades available and 6 levels of experience, so it’s really a good idea to retreat when things look too rough.

When it comes down to the units, instead of having loads of unit types, Endwar only has seven. How does this work? Well, instead of having a seperate Sniper unit, you take your Rifleman infantry squad and upgrade it to a Sniper Squad. In total though, you can only control 12 units in your army, meaning to fight effectively you have to focus (Anti-Air/Inf/Tank, Mechanised, Infantry based, Air based, etc..) your army and rely on allies to help you cover what you can’t handle.

Overall this looks like it’s gonna be one hell of a game.


October 30, 2007 - Posted by | Gaming

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