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New way to make embryonic stem cells from skin

Well, this is great news. And somewhat technologically related. Anyway:

Scientists have found a way to turn skin cells into embryonic stem cells without the need to use an egg or destroy an embryo in the process.

If the breakthrough, achieved in mice, can be repeated using human tissue, it could make somatic cell nuclear transfer, or therapeutic cloning, unnecessary.

Embryonic stem cells that were perfectly matched to a patient could be created from a simple skin biopsy, avoiding any obvious ethical concerns. Like whether or not you are killing a human being.

Most impressive though: “In the most stringent test, the cells were used to create live mice.” Cloning!!!

Well, let’s hope we can figure out how to do it with human skin cells too. Think of the medical applications….Plus those guys are going to be disgustingly rich….Well I guess it does pay to work hard and be smart…

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It’s now in your power to change the Tech/Entertainment world! Sort of:

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Suicide Commando and other news.

Well, Just thought I’d let you all know about the latest bit of music I’ve been listening to. A Belgian Industrial/Aggrotech band called Suicide Commando. Founded by one Johan Van Roy. I really love his music (particularly the Axis of Evil Album). For more information, you can buy some of his albums and find out more about him on my website:

Suicide Commando

So do by some of his stuff. It really us worth it. Brilliant songs, my one regret is most of his concerts are in England or Mainland Europe, so I have to head over there if I want to see him Live. Shame really.

In other news, Assassin’s Creed just came out over here in Ireland. The bad news is what with Christmas coming up I’ve decided not to risk buying it in case someone else buys it too for me. That’ll just be awkward. So I’ll hold off on my review until I do eventually get it.

Clive Barker’s Jericho also came out not so long ago, but at the time I was short on cash and now with Christmas coming up I’m in the same predicament as with Assassin’s Creed. So again I’ll hold off on reviewing Jericho until afterwards.

Now, I realise that this is a Tech blog, (ie more than just games. Gadgets, websites etc…) however I haven’t really found anything I could write enough about, so please….just a little more patience. Things are pretty hectic at the moment (to the point I missed out on my monthly The Game! post) but I’ll try and get a website review or something up before long.

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