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Christmas Shopping

Well X-Mas has come and gone, and so too has New Year’s. It’s all over for another year. Kinda sad isn’t it? On the other hand, no more Christmas Shopping to worry about for about 10 months now, which I’m very thankful for. If there’s one downside to the wonder that is Christmas, it’s the shopping. Standing in queues reaching out the doors of shops, getting to a shop only to find out what you’re looking for is sold out.

Not to mention trying to figure out what people would like. For some it’s easy, others not so much. Take my father for example. He tends to buy whatever he wants, and never really wants anything anyway. So Book tokens for him. Or some Cricket book. Those two are usually safe bets. In the end, I get the shopping done.

Of course, things would be so much easier if I could do all my shopping online. Of course, I don’t have any credit cards, so I can’t do that. I should probably get one of those ASAP. Buying things online also tends to make them a lot cheaper. And with the prices of things here in Ireland, I also feel the need to go looking around for the best loans I can simply to afford buying everyone something more than an empty cardboard box with an I.O.U. inside it.

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