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Is Time Travel actually possible?

Interesting concept isn’t it? That it might actually be possible. And no, I’m not ranting here about my hopes. I’m saying it might actually happen.

First, a quick physics lesson. About gravity. Without getting too complicated, Gravity is not a simple pulling force. As a lot of people know, energy cannot spontaneously appear. So where does the energy powering the pulling froce of Gravity come from? Well, Einstein apparently solved that problem. Are you ready for this?

Gravity is the result of large masses messing with Space-time.

I really don’t understand this to be honest. Hell, I barely understand Simple Harmonic Motion. Anyway, what that basically means is for sufficiently strong gravitational pulls, light can be bent or time can actually be slowed down.

What does this have to do with time travel?

This is where the LHC comes in. It could, Aref’eva and Volovich believe, create wormholes and so allow some form of time travel. Each particle travelling through the LHC creates a kind of shock wave in space-time, a gravitational ripple that distorts the space and time around it. When two such waves are heading towards each other, the outcome could be spectacular. Under certain conditions, the colliding gravitational waves will rip a hole in space and time.

Ah. There we go. The LHC has been developed at CERN, and is the most powerful atom-smasher ever built. So basically when this thing is switched on, it’s believed it may actually rip a hole in the fabric of space time and allow some form of time travel. Now, if this works, why haven’t we had any visitors from the future yet? Well, the physicists say that the ability to travel to a certain time is only possible if the ability to travel through time exists in that time. Buh? So, up until we discover time travel, we can’t visit times before we discover it. Make sense?

This could (if they’re right) hold massive implications for us. Imagine what we could do! Of course, with this comes a far larger problem, and I don;t mean bad guys getting their grubby little hands all over the device…

Aref’eva and Volovich’s speculation about strange space-time effects began with the realization that the LHC might be powerful enough to make mini black holes. Two protons colliding with a combined energy of 14 TeV might create black holes 10-18 meters in diameter.

Does no one else see a problem with that, or am I the only one bothered with the whole being pulled into oblivion and having time go really slow. Also, a neat thing about a black hole and the way Gravity actually works (messing with Space-time) means that should you manage to be in the center of a black hole and be alive, no matter which way you turn-up, down, left, right, backwards or forwards-you’ll always turn to face the center of the black hole. Like a living nightmare. Of course…you’d be dead, so not so much a living nightmare.

You can read the whole article here:


February 14, 2008 - Posted by | Technology

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