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Clive Barker’s Jericho: Review

Well, all is done and I’ve completed the game. I’ll warn you in advance, this review will have some spoliers seeing as how it’s the only way I’ll be able to get the point I’m trying to make across. So if you haven’t finished or ever intend on playing Jericho, I’d avoid this.

I wanted to love Jericho. I wanted it to be something amazing and unique. Alas, I was disappointed. It was unique, no doubt there, but only really in terms of storyline. As a game it was fairly, well…average. Painfully so.

As I mentioned earlier, the game is very bland, although this does break up every now and then into colourful environments, but the colour is few and far between. The storyline is really the only thing going for this game in terms of gorund breaking, but I expected nothing less from Clive Barker. The gameplay is very simple, although the addition of unique powers (my personal favourites are Cole’s Time Loop and Delgado’s Flame Spirit) does make it somewhat more interesting. But things in the game quickly become repetitive. At certain points in the game, your squad is pinned down and you have to fight wave upon wave of various creatures. And it’s basically the exact same thing about ten times over. You kill a Crusader archer, and another immediately takes its place. This can go on well over ten times and is incredibly annoying. The boss fights are interesting though all seem to follow the same formula: “Here’s my weak point/when I’m vulnerable. Please shoot me to pieces.” There are some neat ideas, like against Maltheus, the boss of the Crusader time slice, the Children fight him as well as you. But on the whole it’s awfully monotonous, with the only real exception the end boss.

So as far as gameplay goes it’s disappointing. And the level design’s pretty damn crappy too. More than once I found myself walking back the way I’d come and I was none the wiser. And I already mentioned the blandess.

The characters, however, were interesting. each with their own attitude and backstory which you pick up on if you pay attention during the game. The online info says Abigail Black harbours feelings for Xavier Jones though, which I didn’t pick up on at all. What I did get was that she’s very close to Simone Cole (my personal favourite), as evidenced when she calms Cole down (Cole has OCD and hates being touched, the dark and enclosed spaces) after they are seperated and Cole (along with Jones and Rawlings) is forced to hide out in an underground tunnel fighting off demon ghost Children. Plus, whenever Cole dies, Black always cries out “Somebody help her.” But that could just be me reading too far into things and I digress.

My main pissy point comes at the end. !!!!WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!

Cole dies. So too, does Jones, but to be honest I didn’t really like him. The only characters I felt any attachment towards were Cole, Black and Rawlings. And Leach, but he’s the bad guy so I don;t count him. So I was rather peeved off at Mr. Barker when Cole dies for no damn good reason. Also, the ending – after beating the first born – is rather anti-climatic and downright shit. Although Barker has said he has plans for a sequel, so maybe the crappy ending will be built upon. I don’t fault him for Jericho’s mediocrity, that’s mainly the game programmers and media diesgners faults, not his. But I do have one thing to say Mr. Barker.

You BETTER find a way to bring Cole back. Or you’ll end up making Leach and his cronies look like pretty boys.


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