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Curse you GTA IV! CURSE YOU!

You may be wondering why I’m cursing the first game to have gotten 10/10 from IGN in almost a decade. Simply put, it is going to ruin my life.

Let me tell you how this’ll go down. I’ll start playing it on and off, testing it, if you will. Then it’ll take over my study time, my study for an exam that decides whether or not I go to college. Then it’ll take over my social life. That is, of course, if it is even half as good as everyone says it is.

I’d like to say something right off the bat. I’ve never been a huge fan of the GTA games. Actually scratch that, I didn’t like Vice City or San Andreas. But if GTA III is anything like those two I’m fairly certain I’d go meh at that too. See, I can;t really say why they never appealed to me, they just didn’t. In SA, it was mainly, I think, the fact that there was so much to do I never knew WHAT to do. I preferred Vice City, though even that didn;t set off any major bells in my head.

But all that looks set to change with GTA IV. If nothing else, I’d get it for the promise of multiplayer. The idea of going around Liberty City pumping hot lead into my friends and family while been chased by the cops has a certain appeal.

My God. Just reading that I realise Jack Thompson’s going to have a field day. But he can go shove something sharp through his spine.

I digress. I haven’t played much of GTA thus far. I’ve more watched it been played than anything else. But from what I’ve seen and heard this game is more entertaining than that scene in Gladiator when he cut off the pig mask guys head. If it weren’t for school and all my co students telling me “you need to work blah de fucking blah” I’d have locked my parents in the boiler room and set about getting down to something important, namely going round with an uzi seeing how many stars I can get before someone finally ‘pops a cap in my ass’. But alas, I have not yet had the time to play it in any great detail.

But with a four day weekend ahead of me, I’ll be getting some quality time in with the game. He he he, blood.

Excessive violence is funny, no?


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