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I thought it about time for a friendly reminder. I’d like you all to read my articles and tell me what you think. Thanks, much appreciated:

Thanks in advance!


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Well, I found this handy little item called SlashMySearch. Basically, it’s a search engine as good as Google (really, it is). And what makes it even better is the fact that you get paid for it too! That’s right, you actually get paid for your searches and any searches your referrals make! That’s right. You have a two level downline of referrals, and you earn money for their searches too. So if someone signs up under you, and someone under them, you earn money from both.

That’s where the real power of this thing is. I’ve seen proof of payment and have decided to try it out for a month to see how much I can earn. I’m not expecting riches, but it’d be nice to see just how much. If you’d like to see just how much you can earn, take a look at this: Referral Map

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New Website design

Well, my personal website Vastari’s Domain has had a complete makover. I prefer this new layout and design for several reasons, though the main one is that it gives me more room. Also, a new tutorial is up. Part I of the “Create Your Own Website Tutorial”. Go ahead and read it if you want.

One thing that does bug me. You may have noticed that my Alexa Rank is far from ideal at over 8 million. Why is this? Two reasons really. One is that I don’t have a lot of visitors, which is a shame. The second reason is due to the rather stupid way Alexa ranks a page. You see, it only counts views from people who have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser. If a viewer doesn’t have it, then their view isn’t counted. This means that websites geared towards webmasters are most likely to get high rankings, as it’s mainly webmasters and website owners who have the Alexa toolbar in the first place.

So if you’d like to help me out (which’d be nice, given that my tutorials help you out), download the Alexa toolbar via the link on my homepage and install it. It helps you too, as the toolbar allows you to search Amazon for products you want to buy from any webpage. So go on, download it.

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Google Adsense sucks.

Well if any of you have visited my website, you’ll remember I was running google ads on it. Now however, those ads are gone. Why? I have absolutely no idea. Apparently I was generating clicks through an improper method with one of the given examples:

  1. Clicking my own ads
  2.  Telling people to click my ads
  3. Using some form of software to click my ads or give false impressions.

Now, I have done none of those things. Not a single one. Now I know Google also pays per impression with some ads, so the only logical conclusion I can come up with is that it was for the impressions that I got banned. Since I was looking at my own site. Hang on a sec….what the HELL! I can’t even look at my own site? How the f*** am I supposed to know if everything’s working! That makes no sense, so it can’t be that.

So since I did none of the other crap, and it couldn’t possibly be the other ludicrous idea, I can only assume google hates me for some reason. I’ve contacted them, but I doubt I’ll get a reply. So here’s my warning:


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Triond Article

I’ve posted my first Triond article. After a while (and publicizing it somewhat), it’s started making me money! How cool is that! You can find it here:

World War 2 in Gaming : Overused?

Please read it, and share your thoughts if you wish. If you want to sign up for Triond, sign up at

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It’s baaaaaaaack!

As anybody who used to follow me has noticed, my beloved blog has been replaced by a cruel, cruel website. But fear not! That website is simply a another way for me to communicate to the outside world. And now my blog is back! Bigger and better than ever before! Well, not quite yet. It’s still just a baby. But soon it shall be grand indeed!

So if I have a website, why am I bothering with a blog? Well, websites are harder to update and take longer. They provide more gadgets and stuff though, so I thought I may as well set one up. But blogs are really where a person rants about things. Which I do…WAY too much. So, why not set up another blog.

What’ll be the difference? My blog is where stuff I deem interesting and odd will go. My website is solely to tell you about myself, as well as provide tutorials for various things I think you people suck at (or that I like writing about, whichever you prefer). So for my aimless rants, reviews and recommendations, look no further. For my tutorials and…well I don’t know what else,¬† go to my website.

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