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Learn to Dream

Aww. I just found a pretty neat site, offering a very…personal service.

How many of you have photographs of your children, significant others or your friends that hold a special place in your heart. I, of course, do not. Not having a heart will do that to you. Anyway, here’s the jist of this service, as taken from the site:

Learn to Dream’s experts will convert your photographs into wonderful personal works of art.

How nice is that? I’m sure plenty of you have posters and/or photographic prints, but this really would make the photo stand out. Not to mention it would make one hell of a gift for a loved one or friend. Now, which one would I have printed?

Hmm. Well, I am brought back to my class trip to London. That really was a great trip. I’ve got one photo from that trip that, no questions asked, I would gladly have printed on canvas (I really would, if I had the money). I’d show it to you, only I’m not incredibly photogenic, it’s not a digital photo, and the other participants would not be at all pleased with having their appearance on the internet. Actually, they probably would. But that’s not the point. I will, however, attempt to describe it to you.

We’re in the London Eye, that great big ferris wheel thing, you know, with the glass walls. The picture was taken by a friend of mine, and consists of me, my best friend, and another female friend of mine leaning our heads against the glass and looking down. I dunno why that picture hits home like it does, I just like it. The look of fake terror (fake on mine and his parts, my lady friend really was terrified. Fear of heights and Claustrophobia all wrapped in one) on our faces probably had something do with it. I can’t help but laugh.

And for those of you out there immature enough to suggest I have a thing for this girl, maybe I do but that’s none of your concern. Just wanted to get that out of the way for some rather immature associates of mine.

I kinda wish I had the money now. Anyway, take a look for yourself and maybe get your brother/sister/other half/parents or whatever, that special gift next birthday/christmas/whatever. And get your photographs onto canvas.


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Is Time Travel actually possible?

Interesting concept isn’t it? That it might actually be possible. And no, I’m not ranting here about my hopes. I’m saying it might actually happen.

First, a quick physics lesson. About gravity. Without getting too complicated, Gravity is not a simple pulling force. As a lot of people know, energy cannot spontaneously appear. So where does the energy powering the pulling froce of Gravity come from? Well, Einstein apparently solved that problem. Are you ready for this?

Gravity is the result of large masses messing with Space-time.

I really don’t understand this to be honest. Hell, I barely understand Simple Harmonic Motion. Anyway, what that basically means is for sufficiently strong gravitational pulls, light can be bent or time can actually be slowed down.

What does this have to do with time travel?

This is where the LHC comes in. It could, Aref’eva and Volovich believe, create wormholes and so allow some form of time travel. Each particle travelling through the LHC creates a kind of shock wave in space-time, a gravitational ripple that distorts the space and time around it. When two such waves are heading towards each other, the outcome could be spectacular. Under certain conditions, the colliding gravitational waves will rip a hole in space and time.

Ah. There we go. The LHC has been developed at CERN, and is the most powerful atom-smasher ever built. So basically when this thing is switched on, it’s believed it may actually rip a hole in the fabric of space time and allow some form of time travel. Now, if this works, why haven’t we had any visitors from the future yet? Well, the physicists say that the ability to travel to a certain time is only possible if the ability to travel through time exists in that time. Buh? So, up until we discover time travel, we can’t visit times before we discover it. Make sense?

This could (if they’re right) hold massive implications for us. Imagine what we could do! Of course, with this comes a far larger problem, and I don;t mean bad guys getting their grubby little hands all over the device…

Aref’eva and Volovich’s speculation about strange space-time effects began with the realization that the LHC might be powerful enough to make mini black holes. Two protons colliding with a combined energy of 14 TeV might create black holes 10-18 meters in diameter.

Does no one else see a problem with that, or am I the only one bothered with the whole being pulled into oblivion and having time go really slow. Also, a neat thing about a black hole and the way Gravity actually works (messing with Space-time) means that should you manage to be in the center of a black hole and be alive, no matter which way you turn-up, down, left, right, backwards or forwards-you’ll always turn to face the center of the black hole. Like a living nightmare. Of course…you’d be dead, so not so much a living nightmare.

You can read the whole article here:

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Evil Genius

I just got back into Evil Genius. Can’t believe I ever stopped playing this. It’s a really good game and…well. If you’ve ever played one of those old dungeon building games, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

You start off with a mountain which you dig into in order to build your base. Once that’s done, you have to commit “Acts of Infamy” across the world to earn infamy anf money, allowing you to advance further, all the while defending your base from good guys. Soldiers are particularly annoying, right after the bond-esque Super Agents.

Your ultimate goal is to build a doomsday device and take over the world. It’s a bit repetitive, but I really enjoy it, especially making complicated trap mechanisms to fool unsuspecting agents. Usually they end up dead, so I usually have a freezer that’s roughly the size of all the rest of my base with about 100 racks to mount the bodies on (so my minions don;t get all rebelly).

Anyway, it’s a good game, and should be quite cheap, as it;s been out a while. So take a look for it and get it. I really like it.

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Well I realise I haven’t written anything in a while. Things have been pretty hectic. I’ve finished my CAO application now, so all I have to do is study really hard for my Leaving Certificate. I’m aiming for 500, though I’d be happy with 400. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, Google it.

I don’t really have anything to write here. No new games, no new gadgets. What I will say is I’ve decided to culturise myself. I.E: I’m teaching myself to draw, even just cartoon/comic style and play some form of musical instrument. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Finally, I’m not sure how many of you know about the game Spore. Well, I’ve placed my pre-order. It’s not out for a ew months though, so again you’ll have to wait for a review.

Until next time…

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Creative Zen Vision:M

Well, I recently replaced my crappy MP3 with a new Creative. The Vision:M. I actually like it quite a lot. It’s got a handy, and easy to use interface, and plenty of space 30GB. Well, plenty for me anyway. Plus, as an added bonus I’ve never had before, it can play movies. I’ve already put Se7en onto it, and intend on putting Saving Private Ryan on as soon as I can.

So, plenty of space, movies, easy to use. Any downsides? Well, I haven’t come across any yet, but I suspect it won’t be long before something pops up. With my last Creative (the Zen V Plus) it lasted about 6 months before freezing and becoming generally unworkable. Nothing as good as theVision:M comes without a catch. Unless for once in my life, fate is kind to me and I actually get something that works perfectly. So far, no problems.

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Assassin’s Creed

Well, I finally got Assassin’s Creed and I’ve finished it, so it’s about time I reviewed it for you guys.

So here’s the review. I’ll try and keep it short and sweet…

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Christmas Shopping

Well X-Mas has come and gone, and so too has New Year’s. It’s all over for another year. Kinda sad isn’t it? On the other hand, no more Christmas Shopping to worry about for about 10 months now, which I’m very thankful for. If there’s one downside to the wonder that is Christmas, it’s the shopping. Standing in queues reaching out the doors of shops, getting to a shop only to find out what you’re looking for is sold out.

Not to mention trying to figure out what people would like. For some it’s easy, others not so much. Take my father for example. He tends to buy whatever he wants, and never really wants anything anyway. So Book tokens for him. Or some Cricket book. Those two are usually safe bets. In the end, I get the shopping done.

Of course, things would be so much easier if I could do all my shopping online. Of course, I don’t have any credit cards, so I can’t do that. I should probably get one of those ASAP. Buying things online also tends to make them a lot cheaper. And with the prices of things here in Ireland, I also feel the need to go looking around for the best loans I can simply to afford buying everyone something more than an empty cardboard box with an I.O.U. inside it.

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Going away for a while…

I realise it may make little difference, but I’ll be away for a while. Just thought I’d give you a heads up. I’ll be back by Stephen’s Day (26th Dec.), so until then, Merry Christmas all!

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The Holiday Season is here!

At last, the Christmas season has rolled around, and things in Ireland are starting to brighten up. Except me. I never seem to get into the mood until about the 22nd. Looking forward to the food, and I’m hoping for a few presents, namely the Suicide Commando X20 Limited Edition Boxset (hint, hint to any family/friends readin this).

But until then…it’s business as usual.

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I signed up for PPP!

Well, I’ve finally gone and done it. I’ve signed up for Pay Per Post. It’s this great place where you get paid to blog. Basically I’ll now be paid for the work I do. No I won’t be selling myself out. Any opinions or reviews I give will be 100% neutral and truthful. If someone offers to pay me to boost a product or service I think is utter crap then I’ll tell them to take a hike. I take my honesty and integrity very seriously.

That been said, I do need to make a living so this is necessary. That’s why I signed up. To make a living doing what I enjoy doing. Not only will the money help me get by, but I’ll be able to set up some more websites and get a .com of my own at last. Makes it easier for you guys to remember where to find this blog.

Let me tell you a bit about PPP. It’s really easy to sign up, either as a Blogger. You sign up, and submit your blog. If it’s accepted then voil√°, you start earning. If not, they tell you what you need to do to fix the problem. That’s all, simple and easy. I’ll let you know how I get on. For now, get ready for a lot more posting from me!
get paid to blog

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